Thursday, July 23, 2015

1850's Tiered Summer Ballgown

From the seller:
Enchanting 1850's Ballgown of Silk Tulle & Ribbon: This once was a stunning gown from the 1850's but now it has stains, small holes and missing silk ribbon. It is a reminder of another time and another place. The inner layer is silk tulle. The top layer is rows of silk tulle ruffles trimmed in silk ribbon. The second row of ruffles on the bodice has one piece of ribbon that is hanging in the back. I measures it and if you were to sew it back in place there is a three inch loss of ribbon because of stains and damage. One of the photos from the back show the silk ribbon hanging from the back of the second row. The second row of ruffles on the skirt is missing all of its silk ribbon. This woman was tiny with a bust of 29, a waist of 21 and shoulders of 13 inches. The length of the skirt is 42. It is right at 160” circumference. This gown is being sold for its historic importance. It was high fashion of its day.

From Me:

What it reminds me of and the era it's really from. :-)

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