Sunday, July 5, 2015

Natural Form Cotton Print Dress

From the seller:

Offering a recent auction purchase from an old multi generational estate sale
As I have limited syntax for this type of item - please ASK questions as needed
Dress like another being offered in a seperate auction was found stored in a large old container
Older family member said dress was very old
Dress looks to be an antique party dress with calico full skirt
Pretty floral lining and maroon trim on inside skirt area
Gold front insert
Velvet collar and velvet accent at the waist, front and back
Top is also lined
Much hand stitching as well as machine
No buttons just dark metal hooks
There are condition issues: golden cloth has spotting and age related holes
There is a tear near the under arm
I am selling this dress knowing it has age related condition issues BUT...
Someone w/ restoration / reweaving skills - could restore it or just display as is
Could also serve as a pattern for anyone recreating antique clothing
This is not a perfect "off the rack" dress but if you are a lover of antique clothing - it may be a good project

From Me:

This dress just makes me happy. I love the various patterns and colors in the cloth. It's not colors I would wear (well, my Mom made me wear them when I was baby...) but the various colors of the floral print, the cheery yellow front, it just looks like a happy dress.


  1. It is a sweet dress. For some reason it does seem to belong on a child, though the length is adult. Maybe Mom put me in something like it, too. ;-)

    1. I'm not sure why it looks like it would belong to a child (it doesn't to me). The gathered front was very popular through out the Natural Form period with examples from 1876 and into the 1880's. Maybe it's the small floral print?

    2. I've been thinking about that. I'm pretty sure my grandmother made me similar dresses when I was little. She loved to sew, and put me in little dresses with lots of detailing I'd hesitate to take on now. (I'm getting lazy in my old age. ;-) )