Sunday, July 12, 2015

1920's (?) Floral Dress

From the seller:

I will be listing items from an old lady friend who is almost 90. Please check back as I continue to list. This is for a gorgeous vintage flapper dress from the 1920s. It is quite unique and full of beautiful details. The dress has 2 layers of material with the underside in a light peachy beige color probably rayon? The outer layer is lacy & heavily embroidered with gorgeous flowers in a fabulous pattern. The dress is slightly asymmetrical because one side dips down a little longer than the other. There is a long "tail" or fabric at the side. The double straps are interestingly made of a metal chain (?) with rhinestones. It slips over your head without zippers or buttons and was probably meant for the typical straight boyish figure popular in those days. I don't know if I would wear it because the embroidery and fabric is very delicate but I estimate this will fit a size small best. Please go by measurements laying flat across. Across the bust 18, waist 19, hips 21 and total length from top of material to bottom of the pointy hem 48. There are a several areas that are torn (see pics). The worst is in the back where your rear sits down. The material that is attached to the chain straps is very vulnerable too. Random little holes here and there. Again, the material is delicate and tears easily so this would be best suited for display. Beautiful example of 1920s fashion. Please email with questions. International bidders contact me for shipping quotes.

From Me:

This is one of those I'm hesitant to post. It's lovely but I'm not entirely sure it is 1920's. The overall dress fabric looks way more 1960's to me - but like someone took a 1920's dress for parts and used it with 1960's materials. So, this is going in the I'm not sure but it's pretty so it's getting posted pile.

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