Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lilac 1920's Beaded Dress

From the seller:

Selling a collection of 1920s/1930s clothes

Roaring 20s beaded dress for study and/or parts

Once ravishing this authentic 1920s flapper dress still has amazing beadwork. Made of chiffon in a pale lilac color it features a low waist marked by a beaded band with lateral bow and short sleeves. It features artistic beadwork of large, bold, stylized flowers and undulating wave like design on the bottom, done with bugle and seed beads and accented by large metallic gold beads. Identical design front and back. Lined in lilac rayon. It is very, very heavy.

Condition: many holes and discoloration - the upper back is completely torn

sold strictly for study/parts

From Me:

This dress makes me want to have a 1920's party.....

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