Thursday, July 23, 2015

Early Edwardian Sheer and Lace Dress

From the seller:

This is a vintage dress dating from about 1909. I found one very much like it in an old catalog from 1909. It was advertised as being a wedding or a party dress. The dress is a light ivory color. The fabric looks and feels like a very fine linen. There are large net inserts and multiple kinds of lace. The net sleeves are short and puffy with embroidred bands. The bottom of the dress flares so it is quite full at the bottom. There are some repairs. Some are old repairs and some appear to be newer. There are some light rust stains and a few holes in the lace and net. I have tried to provide plenty of photos to show the condition. Hooks-and-eyes run down the center back. The neck was too small for my dress form so I pinned the neck in place. A few of the hooks will need to be replaced. This is a really beautiful example of Edwardian dresses.

From Me:

It's actually from a bit earlier. As you can see, it doesn't have that high waistline or lowered neckline or fitted sleeve or anything really we associate with the later "Titanic" styles - which it should have some elements of if it was from 1909. Below is a fashion plate from 1904.

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