Monday, July 20, 2015

Late 1860's Gown

From the seller:

Circa late 1860’s,a luminous ivory silk satin wedding bodice and skirt with deep Brussels lace flounces. A lavish concoction , the Brussels lace has large floral bouquets and swags of flowers, vines and leaves with scattered Point de Esprit throughout the lace.The Petersham label reads “Mon.Vignon 182 Rue de Rivoli Paris.Measuring apprx. 41-68”, waist is 22”, chest is 32”.The trained skirt has a wide pleated hem. There is some wear around buttons and lower edge of bodice,not really visible as there are soem small hook and eye that attach to skirt.there is a additional lining and reinforcement was added under skirt.Some lace missing on right side, but as there is so much volume it is not major.This wedding dress is in very good condition, it was kept well by museum and might have been used in exhibition.In very good condition.All items we list need to be laundered.

From Me:

1867 Fashion Plate

Most likely 1866/1867.  The dress is displayed oddly - I have no idea why the waistband is shown over the bodice- but the massive amounts of lace were a thing in the late 1860's.

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