Friday, September 6, 2013

1920's Underwear!

From the seller:

Vintage late 1800s rare cotton one piece undergarment. Has a crochet yoke, attached pantaloons that are gathered at the knee, have an open crotch. This was meant to be worn under the corset. Also see our other great vintage items, we gladly combine shipping.

Very good vintage condition. There are a couple mends.




Length-43 1/2" from top of shoulder

From Me:

A good article on the 1920's silhouette that shows undergarments. This looks like the first drawing but with pants rather than a skirt.


  1. Might also have been a nightie. I have that book . . . I forget the exact title but it's something to the effect of Everyday Fashions of the 1920's as seen in catalogs or something, and there are garments like this in the sleepwear pages. They specifically say "open crotch", too. Of course, sleepwear that doesn't double as underwear is a fairly recent invention, and I'm sure there was still a lot of overlap in the 1920's.

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