Friday, September 6, 2013

Early 1930's Purple and Black Dress

From the seller:

Super adorable flapper Gatsby dress from the 1920/early 30s. Purple silk and black lace. Lots of details.

Condition: expert repairs to underarm, mended lace collar, worn and missing buttons, splitting fabric underneath lace. Very wearable!

Bust: 36"
Waist 31"
Hip: 39"
Length: 43"

From Me:

Splitting fabric underneath lace and the seller says you can still wear this? Um, no. Just no.

This is probably from about 1931/1932. The waist length is from the previous decade but the details - the way the lace is cut, the buttons, ect - are all very 1930's in style.


  1. I suppose you could wear it but it would be a very, very bad idea. Great details in this dress!

    1. This dress really is super cute due to it's details. I love those little gathers along the waistline.