Friday, September 6, 2013

Lot of early 20th Century Items

From the seller:

This is one of several clothing related auctions we currently have listed, all from the same trunk of a local estate. We are only guessing at which era they are from. We saw some small tears and stains on them, we are selling these as is as found. Please read box lot info before bidding. They have a sort of stored musty smell. There is the hoop piece, and we think the piece next to that was part of it, not sure, it is open at both ends but the pink fabric is rough all the way around. The jacket is solid and in nice condition. The purple and black dress has some tears and some material deterioration as silk tends to do. The other black dress also has some rips.

From Me:

I'm posting this mostly for the lovely early teens era dress but also for the black Edwardian bodice/jacket. The metallic lace and the black pillow case dress are both 1920's. The hoopskirt is probably mid 20th Century or so. I remember seeing a ton like that in the early days of ebay - all from wedding gowns in the 60's and 70's.

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