Sunday, September 27, 2015

1870's Bustle Era Bodice and Skirt

From the seller:

Tan & Brown Long Bustle Skirt & Jacket - Civil War Era Original

Circa: 1860-70's

Antique brown bustle skirt with pleated trim hemline
1. Brown Taffeta fully lined with cotton
2. Machine stitching
3. Hemline is pleated ruffle
4. Deep pocket on one side
5. Has fuller area in back to accomodate a bustle
6. Has stains on skirt
7. There is a tear on the skirt pleated hemline area (see photo)
8. Jacket shows underarm discoloration & missing button in center
9. mid to late 1800s

Waist: 26" around
Hips: 48" around (full skirt with pleats)
Length: 40"

Waist: 22" around
Shoulder to Shoulder: 14"
Sleeve Inseam: 17"
Overall Length: (Peplum) Front: 23" Back: 24 1/2"

From Me:


The outfit is missing the overskirt - if this even went together which I'm not entirely sure it did. In the fashion plate above, the white-ish and blue trimmed dress has a very similar bodice to the extant one.

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