Wednesday, September 2, 2015

18th Century Baby Stays

From the seller:

An extremely rare child’s 18th century linen corset. The corset is all hand stitched. The fabric has a dark blue and two tone tan stripe pattern. The back has hand stitched eyeholes for lacing. The inside is lined with a layer of heavy linen The corset is in good condition. There is a thumb size age spot and a few other smaller light colored areas of age discoloration. There is some missing fabric on the waist point and along the top of the corset. A very rare textile to add to an 18th century collection. Bust 18 Waist 15 Front length to point 7 Side length 5 Back length 7 ½.

From Me:

It's freaks me out to no end that the seller used sewing pins to hold the stays to the dress dummy. We do not add pin sized holes to 200+ year old garments on purpose like that.

There is another very similar pair at the Memorial Hall Museum. Another pair of baby stays and there are several at Colonial Williamsburg. Just do a search for stays and all sorts of kids' stays will pop up.

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