Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mid 1890's Jacket

From the seller:

Check out all the photos of this piece, the construction and seam work is incredible, sadly the condition has something left to be desired. This antique ladies jacket is lined in beautiful silk twill, has a velvet trim color, and is made of a brushed wool. There is significant damage to the exterior of the jacket, mainly including moth holes and discoloration. The silk velvet collar is shredding at the back of the neck and there are dots on the silk lining. For those of you so you understand construction and sewing, that is what makes this piece so special. The inset sleeves have box pleats and the scalloped edge of the pockets is beautifully done. The buttons are natural material, there are three large ones on the exterior and two small interior ones that match. Please review all the photos prior to purchase this piece is sold as is.

Measurements- On fold!
Shoulder 11.15"
Bust- 16"
waist- 13"
sleeve width at shoulder- 6.5 (volume outwards from sleeve inset seam)
collar width- 5"
wrist- 4.5"
sweep- 51" around
Box pleat- 4" X 3"

From Me:

This jacket vaguely reminds me of this one at the V&A as part of a walking suit. I'm sure this extant one was part of a walking or promenade outfit as well.


  1. A good example of a leg-o-mutton sleeve that was set more box pleated, rather than gathered, nice close-ups.

    1. Yeah, I'm happy the seller took decent photos. :-)