Wednesday, September 23, 2015

1903 Norwegian fabric remade into a dress at a later date

From the seller:

Antique German style dress costume.

Antique blue polished cotton dress with fillet lace apron dated 1903. Size is medium. Bust 38", 28" waist. 42" long. 55" hips. Very full skirt. Full multi layers with gathered ruffled waistline. We have a picture from 1903 with this dress worn by Audra, heir to the Northwood Glass empire.

Storage marks and light storage stains. This is from the Harry Northwood Glass empire estate heirs.

From Me:

I wish they'd included the photo because this dress really looks way more 1930's than 1903. The apron basically says Souvenir from Molde (a city in Norway) 1903. It looks very pieced - not in a bad sense, it's cute- but like someone cut up a piece of fabric and used the pieces as trim and accents. Sort of like how we use vintage saris and dupattas now. From what I read about Molde - it was a textile hot spot in the 19th century- I really wouldn't be surprised if that is exactly what we are looking at. Someone bought a cool looking summer tablecloth, chopped it up later, and used the pieces to make a sweet little dress sometime in the 1930's. Because, honestly, this is a normal size 8 dress that would come just a little above tea length on me.

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