Saturday, September 19, 2015

Early 1850's Ball Gown Bodice

From the seller:

Circa 1840’s… a pretty bodice with damage with very nice embellished sleeves. This is made of organdy and silk. The bodice is in good strong condition, the organdy overlay on the bottom of bodice has some damage.The back organdy has been removed… the sleeves once seem as if they had a longer organdy overlay. basically bodice is in good strong condition, the organdy sleeves have some yellowing. Pretty just for display..or a skilled semastress might be able to recover bodice in organdy.So… NEEDS WORK or use for display or to copy design.
All items we list need to be cleaned.

From Me:

I get why the seller thinks it's from the 1840's - it's those sleeves and the shoulders- but, to me, the bodice just doesn't look long enough. Very quickly into the 1850's, the bodices stopped being elongated and went to normal waist length. My guess is this is from about 1852 or so.

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