Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Turn of the Century Bodice

From the seller:

This beautiful Victorian bodice was made by Louise Borges & Co, Astor Court 18.20 W 34th St. NY. The silk taffeta lining is boned, but it's splitting and needs to be replaced. The outside of the bodice is in good condition. It's pleated silk organza with lace inserts, it has a tangerine silk velvet band around the bottom of the silk yoke, the silk yoke has tan appliques and silk covered cords. The front bodice and collar are made from hand made tape lace, trimmed with the tangerine velvet and tiny little sequin. It has a black velvet band across the front with a large rhinestone decoration attached to it, 1 rhinestone missing and the bottom of the tangerine bow has hand knotted silk frige attached to the ends. The velvet band is off from the silk yoke in back and back and needs to have the yoke hand stitched along the top edge of the velvet. The silk taffeta band around the bottom edge is starting to split and it has a few spots on the ouside, mostly on the lower portion of one sleeve, but they are light and minor. It measures about 34 inches around the bust, hard to be exact with the tears in the lining, waist is 25, across the back shoulder is 11 1/2 inches and from shoulder to center front bottom edge is 20 inches. De-accessioned from the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - The De Young Museum, the inventory tag says it belonged to Jane Scribner.

From Me:

This one is a bit difficult - it's either extremely late Victorian or very early Edwardian. I'm putting it at 1902 for now - because there was a brief moments when they decided they liked fuller sleeves again for a couple of months before going to the 3/4 tight sleeve. Plus, the dangling stuff. The early Edwardians were all about hanging stuff down the front of their bodices....

Sorry I haven't posted lately - I just got the internet back up today at my house. Yikes!

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