Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Teen's Era Summer Lawn Dresses

From the seller:

Up for auction is more of my antique clothing collection and includes a lot of 2 late Victorian or Edwardian cotton Lawn Dresses with lace and embroidery.... The first dress I had on display and is in good condition (not good enough to wear), but except for some very few and very minor age stains, an inch rip near the crochet accent, & one very small tear in the back which can most likely be repaired, and the front of collar is hanging a bit and needs to attached, it's in very good condition for it's age......

The second dress can not be worn , nor will it look right if displayed the way it is because it's in pretty rough shape: The upper body is torn, although the crochet sleeves can be salvaged. The bottom of dress has strips of Irish crochet and is in very decent condition for those who re-purpose... Sold As Is and in the lot of 2...

From Me:

It's that little bit of sleeve detail that gives us a hint as to the age of the second one.  The one with the longer sleeves (and waistline) is most likely from about 1917.  

1917 Fashion Plate
The little "puff" at the bottom part of the sleeve, with the fitted upper, became a thing again around 1916/1917 (it had been a thing in 1903).  Not only do you see it in the yellow dress above but herehere on the blue dress, and on the blue dress in the upper left here.

The other dress in this lot is a bit earlier - probably about 1913 or so.

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