Monday, May 13, 2013

1830's Dress worn by George Washington's 3rd Cousin (no, seriously)

From the seller:

Vintage 1840's Dress. Sleeves are worn at cuffs with holes. Two stains on skirt. Stitching coming loose at top to skirt. Lightweight fabric feels sheer with cotton blend. She may have been the daughter of Nacy Ball Till. I did have a sample by Nancy Ball Till done at age nine in 1823, along with a letter written in 1860's about how George Washington payed a visit to the Cartwright Plantation while passing through North Virginia and congratulating Polly (Sarah Jane) on the birth of her son. He yelled from outside as to not enter the house and said "Keep raising son's for my army". Unfortunately, that item went missing during my last move along with a lot of other valuables. =(

From Me:

Too bad the seller didn't post measurements but the dress is a lovely example of the 1830's - not the 1840's. The sleeves and the way the bodice is cut are both very 1830's in style.

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