Tuesday, May 14, 2013

1930's Men's Button up Shirt with Original Collars

From the seller:

A vintage mans dress shirt made by Kempton for RH Macy
Blue cotton with indigo, red, pale blue and white stripes
very fine cotton - excellent craftsmanship - roomy old style cut -
The shirt is new old stock - never worn or used..
When we got it it still had its original pins and cardboard and it had a lot of brown discoloration.
We soaked it for several days to remove the staining -
It came out beautifully with no staining or damage (just wrinkling)
It comes with 2 detachable collars that still have their starch..
I have not cleaned those so they do appear a bit discolored but they should clean up easily

In a style used from the teens through the thirties -
The fabric is stamped 'Sanforized" which I think dates it to after 1930
french cuffs - button down front with all buttons and a stud for the collar

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From Me:

The style of the tag is one I know was used in the 1930's, hence why I think it's 1930's as well. Although I normally don't post 1930's, but I think given the uniqueness of this piece, I'll give it a pass. It still has it's original collars!

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