Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Overcoat/Robe with Ribbonwork 1920's in Pink

From the seller:

A most luxurious late 1920's, early 30's dressing gown robe of soft peachy pink silk velvet, lined in silk chiffon.

The most spectacular ribbonwork flowers divide the velvet from the lower lace flounce. The length of the applied flowers is a generous 40". The large flowers are 1-1/2", the small are 1". There are 24 flowers all surrounded by ribbon leaves.

The robe has condition issues: faded on the shoulders, damage to the silk pile across the back across the shoulders and some small stains in various areas, and the lace is very fragile.

There are areas of the velvet, especially the lower back that are in good clean condition. The chiffon is in good condition with a few stains on the front edge. Garment measurements: total back length 40", across the back at underarm 20".

From Me:

As always, do not drool on the actual garments. ;-)

EDIT: The lady that bought it on ebay is selling it on etsy.  Here are a couple of her pictures that help figure out what is going on with the robe/jacket.

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