Monday, May 20, 2013

1850's Faux Curl, real hair

From the seller:

These 3 curls measure approx. 11, 12, and 13" long. The hair is dark brown. 2 of the curls have wired bands at the top, the other has a small loop. The label on the box reads "L Grabbe & Co, Importers of Human Hair and Manufacturers Of Human Hair Goods, Wholesale and Retail, Under First National Bank, Davenport, Iowa". The box in skewed out of shape and the top is missing one end flap; the label is soiled as the photos show. There is something written in pencil under the box top, probably the owners name, which I can not make out. I have a hat listed which would look nice with your new curls. Thanks for looking

From Me:

The hairstyle on the box was popular in the 1850's going into the 1860's so the curls are probably from about then.


  1. It's so neat that these have survived, and with their box too! Kinda icky and still really cool!

    1. Without the box, it would be much harder to date. I'm so glad they survived with the box. :-)