Monday, May 13, 2013

Early 19th Century Pocket

From the seller:

For your consideration is a Superb RARE Ladies pocket from New England and is late 18th or Early 19th C. I swore I would never sell this but here it is.. I know I will regret it! Ladies pockets were used to keep their sewing scissors, thimbles, keys, thread and other household and sewing necessities close at hand underneath their outerskirt and petticoats. A handwoven tape attached this to her waist. The tape is missing from this piece long ago.. I can't stress how rare these are and the roller printed bittersweet fabric is to DIE FOR! the binding roller printed calico is fragile and has split but most of it there. The backing is hand woven linen , stitching is 12 to 14 stitches per inch.. If you love early fabrics , clothing and accessories this is for you. I bought this from a dealer friend in CA , she bought it many years ago I believe in New England. I paid A LOT for this so will be monitoring interest . I start my auctions with low $10 starting bid. I reserve the right to end the auction if not enough interest in the piece.

size : 15" long 10.5" wide

Date: Late 18th C to early 19h C

Condition: -Exceptional! the roller printed fabric is in great condition! some slight fading.. edge binding is fragile and frayed at the edges.. there is slight soiling to hand woven linen backing and small 1mm hole lower left corner.

From Me:

Pockets, like this, were worn well into the 19th C in rural areas where fashion wasn't as important as function. The prints look late Regency to my eye and I think this is more 1820s.

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