Friday, May 3, 2013

1920's Pink and Silver dress

From the seller:

Up for your consideration is a Flapper Style Dress with Rhinestones. The great rhinestones decorate the arms and waist with a great wire and rhinestone flower. All of the rhinestones are there and they look great. The lace collar and the front panel is made out of some wire like threads, collar looks great, front panel has wear on the bottom, as you can see in the picture. The material for the dress is stretchy, linen type material on the out side and the inside is maybe a silk blend( i really don't know my fabrics, but the inside material is very soft, doesn't have the shine that silk has.)
Gathering in the waist area. A combination of hand stitching and machine stitching. You can see the stains in the pictures, don't know if they will come out, i did hand washed this with a very mild Ivory Snow, so it does smell better, did not iron this.

So the measurements are, these are all approximate,

Shoulder width, 10"(remember this is stretchy material)
Top of back of dress to bottom of hem, 40"
Bust, from underarm to underarm, 12 1/2"

I am starting on all the great old clothes. They have a variety of different styles and i hope i get all the information right,( they will be checking the auctions and ( i am sure) will let me know if get something wrong). So please if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Just remember that i can not change anything on the listing once it has a bid, that is the way they do things on here. So i might have to add the question onto the auction.
So forgive me if i make a mistake. On these if you do win and if i misrepresent in the presentation of the article, and you are not happy with it, all you have to do and ship it back and your money will be refunded.

If you need anymore information, please e-mail me, will get right back to ya, no problem.

So here is the story on these , i went over to my brother's place and he has this room that is jam packed with vintage(old) stuff. He and his lovely better half is cleaning it all out to make a guest room. They used to be antique dealers, used to buy and sell. This is not left over stock but stock that they never got to.( in other words, they stopped selling but kept on buying) so they still have a lot of great old stuff. Some of the stuff i will list but a lot more will be going to a local auction, so if there is something that you collect and want, please let me know and i will see if they have it.

From Me:

This looks like it was a handmade piece rather than store bought. Very cute!

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