Monday, May 20, 2013

Drop Dead Gorgoues 1920's Dress

From the seller:

Vintage 1920's Art Deco Peach Scarf Hem Flapper Dress

Vintage 1920's Art Deco Peach Scarf Hem Flapper Dress
Unmarked, peach moire pattern celanese acetate taffeta fabric with florals and net lace.
Front of dress is shorter than the back, much of the net trim is missing.
Dress is in 'fair' condition, with allover light gray spotting, some stains, and the net lace is torn/shredded.
There is one small repair to the backside, and the fabric also has faint content markings in this area as well.


Dress is 39" long in front, and 50" long at back.
Shoulder is 12".

From Me:

I bought this one. It was too pretty and too me to pass up. This is probably a late 1920's dress, given the waist. I'll do a full write up in my other blog - I did a recreation of this dress after taking a lot of notes- but here are some key highlights.

The front of the skirt is a full circle skirt (or, rather half circle since it's just the front) but the back is a pedal skirt. The part that makes it "dip" in the back is the way the waist is done. The cummerbund waist shapes the rest of the dress. Both the cummerbund waist and the skirt are cut on the bias - the tunic top is not. The silk tulle is nearly gone and it's impossible to tell what it originally looked like; however, the dress hardly needs it. There are 6 snaps, each about 2" apart on the right side. I'd gauge the dress as a modern medium. The four flowers on the front are really nothing more than stemmed flowers, two sewn down, two sewn up, to make it look like a continuous line of flowers. The cummerbund waist is gathered beneath the flowers.

I'll put a link here when I finish the write up for the re-creation later.


Link to the recreation

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