Monday, August 5, 2013

1840's Quilted Hood/Bonnet

From the seller:

Antique silk bonnet dates to the mid 19th Century in the Victorian Era. It is made out of black quilted silk and has dark blue bows that run down the center back. Ruffled trim around the face. Neck skirt. Interior is lined with green striped silk around the face and tan cotton in the back of the hat.

CONDITION: Excellent. I do not see any flaws.
COLOR: Black

Interior Circumference: 30"

From Me:

Variations on this style of bonnet were worn through out the 19th C. Two things stick out about this one, the neck covering - something that typically is done earlier rather than later in the 19th C, and the fine pleated ruffle around the edge of the hood. Both of these elements make me believe that this is from about the 1840's and may have been worn into the 1850's as well.

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