Monday, August 19, 2013

Edwardian Shirtwaist and Skirt

From the seller:

Vintage 1880s Women's antique victorian outfit(jacket and skirt). Made of taupe/ light gray wool with lace trim. Jacket has inner and outer hook& eye front closure. Skirt has a snap back. No label. The manequin in the photos is a size 34/36 and the outfit fits snug. Actual measurements of the jacket: 34" around the bust, 25" around the waist, 14" shoulder seam to shoulder seam, 21.5" shoulder seam to end of cuff, 19.5" overall length. the matching skirt is 26" at the waist, 36" at the hips, and 37" overall length. The skirt and jacket are in good overall condition. Skirt has an old hole repair(photo), jacket is missing a snap and a hook & eye.

From Me:

I have no idea why the seller thinks this is from the Bustle era. The shirtwaist should be tucked into the skirt - the outfit is probably from about 1908.


  1. Definitely NOT 1880s. Skirt too narrow and they did not use snaps yet in the 1880s.

    1. Although you are correct on the narrowness of the skirt, snaps were used in the 1880's - they just weren't called snaps yet.

      The above patent for glove fasteners - our modern snap- was filed on Feb 11, 1868. Although it wasn't issued until the late 1880's, there are other indications that it was already on scene in the 1880's.