Saturday, August 24, 2013

Teens Era Summer Dress

From the seller:

Very pretty C1920 off white lace trimmed lawn or even wedding dress with a wide silk satin waistband and back bow, rosebuds around the neck and sleeve edges.

Has an inner bodice lining. Fabric is a loosely woven organdy or stiff muslin.

Measures 49" long, 29" waist and 36" bust. Has been shortened by creating a horizontal pleat near the bottom edge, it so could be about 1" longer if desired.

Very nice condition. Very faint underarm moisture stains, no fabric rot. Does need to be cleaned and pressed. One area of bow in the folds in the back is frayed.

Found recently here in Maine

From Me:

Although you are starting to see the looser fit associated with the 1920's, the waistline is still too high for that. The overall styling is more consistent with the late teens era, probably around 1916.

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