Monday, August 19, 2013

1920's Ladies Swimsuit

From the seller:

This auction is one for a Fabulous Antique Swimaway Brand, black wool bathing suit. This is from the 1910s to 1920s. This suit is in great condition no spots, stains or odors. It has had a little alteration, it has been taken in a little.

Measurements are- (laying out flat)

Chest is 16" and double fot chest is 32" waist measures 16" double for waist is 32" length 32"

This is a real find.
This is in excellent contition. Has the tag. No moth holes. Nice dark black color. I beleive it is a mans suite, the women were way to modest back then to wear something this risque

From Me:

Bwahahah! Of the many things that can be said about ladies in the 1920's, modest is not one of them. No, this is very much a lady's swimsuit. You can tell by the slight skirt and the tag of a lady swimming. Honestly, I bet this would still sell today if it came in a different color and had trim around the edge of the skirt.

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