Wednesday, March 2, 2016

1820's Cotton Print Dress

From the seller:

This very pretty dress is in a fine cotton gauze printed with a design in yellow and cinnamon. The style of the print is typical for the 1820s -perhaps unusual to our modern ideas, but nevertheless very unusual, and high fashion at the time.

The dress has a slightly elevated waist, pretty shoulder detail and a mass of frills to the lower skirt. It has back closure, and only the bodice is lined with fine cotton.

The sleeves are fairly full in the style of the middle 1820s, but have not yet reached the volume of the later dresses. There are decorative cuffs with button fastening.

The dress is in very good condition. There are very
isolated small holes, which are difficult to see, and really have to be looked for.The fine cotton lining of the bodice is marked all over from wear, and of course there would have been a sash. A very pretty afternoon or dinner dress with unfaded colours.

Measurements: Length 53". Across shoulders 16"

From Me:

1827 Fashion Plate 

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