Monday, March 21, 2016

Victorian Fancy Dress

From the seller:

This comes with a wood disc that's difficult to read attributed to..?, also it comes with a bodice/top , long skirt, hat and a long piece of fabric and gloves. This outfit was too small to put on my already small mannquinn , so Iclipped it in the back. It came with a piece of lace that I don't think is period, attached to the the back of the top.also there is a stain on the back of the top , it looks like there may have been a spill on it. The inner circumference of the bottom of the skirt is 138-139", and the waist is 24".

From Me:

Well, the last line is hard but I can easily see Captain Ellis, US ARMY, April 20, 1862 on the little wooden disk thing. As for the dress, I think it's one of those 1840's ones with the trims added for a Fancy Dress in the 1860's - the trim style is very 1860's but the bodice has that elongated point which was popular in the 1840's.

1845 Fashion Plate via Dames A La Mode


  1. Hello Isabella, I read the disc as follows: "Copied by Captain Ellis, US Army, April 20, 1862, Fort Preble, Maine." The Fort still exists on a college campus. As a rule, Civil War records are quite researchable, if the buyer cares to take this further.