Tuesday, March 15, 2016

American Civil War Era Striped Blue Dress

From the seller:

This lovely dress was in a trunk full of clothes that appear to be from the 1880's through 1920's that was packed away when the family moved into a local plantation house in the 20's. Please see my other items for more. This dress is shiny and smooth, possibly silk. I don't know how to test. There are a few problems, like the buttons that have dissolved over time and a few seams that have let go. Size is pretty small by today's standards. Shoulders are 17 1/2" across, the waist is 12" across (as in 24" around). I'd guess it would fit a young teen or small adult. I guess it's age as 1870's or 80's. Please let me know if that's wrong. (I have been informed by an expert that this dress is from the 1860's)

From Me:

The straight-away across the waistline coupled with the sleeve style and the way the skirt is pleated put it around the middle of the American Civil War. It was probably made right before the elliptical hoops got popular in the 1863/1864 time frame.

1862 Fashion Plate

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