Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Late Teen's Overdress in White and Silver

From the seller:

Gorgeous vintage Titanic Era Edwardian Dress. Fashioned from an embroidered netting and cream colored silk. This dress is beautifully embellished with exquisite beading and tiny button details. Sadly she is in need of restoration. The silk in the bodice is still intact but the silk underskirt is missing. Also as you can see in the photos the silk part of the sleeves is shredded. If you are a seamstress I don't think it would be hard to repair the sleeves by placing new ivory silk where the deteriorated silk is. Also new silk for an under skirt is do able as well. The beading is beautiful and the bodice is good. As you can also see in photos there are stains on the netting. I have not tried to remove them. I'm not skilled at fabric restoration so felt it best to leave it to someone who would not cause more damage. Clearly she was stunning in her day. I picture someone in ivory slippers, this dress and dancing in elaborate ball rooms. I have an ivory silk skirt that I will be listing and it may work under this but would not really be the correct style for this dress. The skirt is more Victorian. But for display purposes you may be able to make it work. With the sleeves as they are she is not in wearable condition. Waist is 27". Even with the current issues there is still much to love about this dress. If you study fashion history you would have to appreciate the curve of the hem, the way the sleeves have the silk inserted in the center, the cape like collar, the beauty of the embroidered netting all trimmed in beading. I even wonder if it may possibly have been a wedding dress.

From Me:

It looks like it was used as a Halloween outfit at some point in it's life. I don't think the "buttons" at the neckline are original. It would have also had a long underdress that would have come to about the ankles.

1918 Sewing Pattern

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