Sunday, March 6, 2016

Polka Dot Victorian Bodice

From the seller:

Victorian Silk dress Bodice ladies jacket Blue/Green polka dot Glass Trim & buttons

Gorgeous Victorian boned handmade ladies silk bodice. Has Black and gold glass buttons and beaded trim. It is in fine condition with no holes, just a little toning at the neck and a few dots, see close ups. There are 16 buttonholes and 14 buttons, one is over the bottom buttonhole on the wrong side. Due to this mystery, it was suggested to me that this was a salesman’s sample, plus the fact that there is extra gathering on one side and a long row of beaded trim. Center back length is approximately 23 inches. Bust approximately 32. Waist about 25 ½. Shank back buttons are ¾“ CAN BE PICKED UP AT Kempton SHOW SATURDAY OCTOBER 24.

From Me:

My guess is the seamstress who made it just ran out of fabric and this is a very old UFO.

1890 Fashion Plate

Most likely 1890 if not a bit earlier with that tail on the bodice. Since there is no year zero, this is going in the 1880's.


  1. That is glorious! I love polka dots. If I could find fabric like that, I'd be making my own. Almost wished I didn't miss that auction but I couldn't wear it, so must keep hoping for fabric.
    It always surprises me with the size of those buttonholes, and buttons. But I know how hard it is to fiddle with the tiny ones, even though they're so feminine.

    1. Well, with the amount of layers they were wearing, it wasn't like anyone would see anything they shouldn't - unlike today. I've had to discretely as possibly tell ladies that their bra was showing because of gapage with the button front shirts.

  2. I saw that one on eBay - and I too drooled over that fabric! It's actually pretty similar to a woven satin dot on ottoman, all black, that I found and used recently. It's acetate, but looks good and just I couldn't resist even if I usually stick with natural fiber.

    1. I've used acetate before. It's okay when you are wearing it over natural layers and it's only in the 70'S (f) outside. Anything colder or warmer than that, and you end up in trouble.