Monday, March 7, 2016

Early Teens Era Beautiful Silk Dress

From the seller:

This pretty Titanic era dress is made from ivory silk satin. It has a lace panel under the bodice in front that hook and has buttons with rhinestones over the hooks. The lace collar has a wire woven into it to hold the lace in waves. It has very deep raglan sleeves with lace around the wrists. The buttons on the bodice are covered with silk and lace, the skirt hooks down the side front. The left side is draped at the bottom and has a fabric buckle, the right side of the skirt has opened seams, it looks like the piece that looks like a train needs to be pleated and fitted back into the opening, it looks like it's all there, but missing the "buckle" on that side. One shoulder of the sleeve has a tear from the hanger, skirt has scattered spots/dirty areas, needle holes where the right side is undone and a small tear in the piece that needs to be sewn back, but it's right on the stitching line, some rhinestones from the buttons are missing and few small breaks in the lace, the covered lace buttons have some discoloration on some. It measures 42+ around the bust, waist is 32 1/2, hips are 46 and it's about 59 1/2 inches long.

From Me:

This is quite the plump size dress considering they would have been wearing corsets still at this point.  1913/1914 most likely for this dress.

1913 fashion plate

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