Thursday, March 24, 2016

Victorian Dress Remade into the Edwardian Style

From the seller:

A fetching 1912 Edwardian plum satin Edwardian dress. The neck area and sleeve cuss are made of net lace with bands of terra-cotta silk. The insert is also trimmed with beige and terra-cotta braiding. The front of the dress is trimmed with the same braiding. The dress is unlined and has a side hook and eye closure. It is in good condition. There is no underarm discoloration and no age marks. The spot on the back of the dress is from the camera flash and is not present on the dress. There is a loose seam and a ½ inch split near one armscye. There are two breaks in the lace near the seams. Bust30 Waist 23 Shoulders 14 Length 55.

From Me:

This dress just looked wrong and it took me forever to figure out why! It's because it's a very well retailored Natural Form Dress!

1880 Fashion Plate

See the polka dots, second from the left? That's probably pretty close to what this originally looked like. The sleeves on the extant dress are more like the ones on the green evening dress (second from the right) but minus the frilly cuffs.   The sleeve shape has not been changed.   The skirt hasn't been played with much either.  Really, all they did is recut the neckline and add some pretty striped fabric to the neck and cuffs.  They also added the embroidery.

September 1909 Fashion

Above is a fashion plate from 1909 - or the look the person that re-made this dress was going for.

August 1909 Fashion

This one is also from 1909 - notice some of the details on the yellow dress. This is what happens when you go through Mom's closet. :-)

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