Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Blue 1880's Evening Gown by Worth!

From the seller:

This beautiful WORTH ball gown is made from a saphire blue silk satin, trimmed with iridescent peacock colored seed beads and sequins. The boidce is boned and lined in taffeta. The sleeves look replaced/restyled, lining is shredding, some sequins tarnished. It has a ruched waistband and is trimmed with velvet, some wear to the vevlet ribbons. The skirt is trimmed with the beading down the front and around the hem and train. It's lined in taffeta. Waistband was added to, bottom of the hem on the fold line is frayed and torn but on the fold line. The net and lace ruffle on the inside of the skirt has missing lace, a few tiny dark spots on the silk of the skirt. It measures 36 inches around the bust, waist is 32, skirt is 38 1/2 inches long.

From Me:

A bit of a stout lady at a 32" waist corseted but the skirt being 38 1/2" in the front!  Also, the color reminds me a lot of Claudia's blue bustle dress from Interview with a Vampire.  

1884 Fashion Plate 

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  1. 100% convinced the blue dress in the Anastasia musical is based on this gown! I mean, it has to be, right??