Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Late 1920's Long Sleeved Dress

From the seller:

AS IS!! Vintage 1920s Bronze Silk Satin Dress for Cutter Study or Salvage

Sleeves and area around neck are shredded. Sleeves are pinned to shoulders for photo.

This was a beautifully well crafted dress in its day as evidenced by the contrasting piping around the collar and cuffs, contrasting side panels and the

twenty three two tone buttons. All covered buttons are present and intact.

Length 45"
Width 40"

From Me:

I'm not sure what width the seller took. Maybe the bust? The drop waist? Although this garment is in tatters, look at how much it can still show us. The collar, the long sleeves, the fabulous buttons - there is so much that would be fun to duplicate either for costuming or really wearing to the office.

1928 Catalog

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