Thursday, March 31, 2016

Killer 1920's Pink Dress

From the seller:

DESCRIPTION: Gorgeous 20s flapper dress in a very pretty rosy pink silk crepe chiffon. The dress is in 3 pieces and would need to be sewn back together, but all pieces are here and in good condition. skirt slip has gold metal metallic lace trim. Bodice has a slip top with metallic lace. There are 2 skirt pieces, each in a half circle shape. Each piece has a scalloped edge with glass beads and rhinestones. Also has painted velvet baskets of flowers with a beaded bow. connected by a border of beaded flowers. The beading is SOOO pretty and multi colored with such pretty shading.

Bust: 33"

Waist: 28"

Hips: 38"

Length Neck to Waist: 13.5"

Length Waist to Hem: 25"

CONDITION: good. The dress is in pieces but could either be sewn back together or you could use all othe wonderful parts and pieces for other projects. Area under arms beginning to shatter. 1 of the skirt pieces has a split area on the edge measuring about 8x4". A couple of small holes in the slip/skirt. Please use the zoom function to check the details of the garment.

From Me:

There is no way this could be sewn back together unless you stabilized the heck out of it - the fabric would disintegrate in seconds. Still, this is a gorgeous dress. It even has a basket on it for Easter. ;-)

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