Saturday, March 19, 2016

1890's Dress with Sleeves of Doom!

From the seller:

This is an Magnificent Antique Silk Wedding Gown from 1896!

LABEL: none

Fabric is a medium-weight silk satin… muted sheen… dark oyster with a touch of gold in colour. The bodice and skirt are lined with a medium-weight polished cotton (buckram?). The hemline of the skirt is lined with a medium-weight gold coloured velvet.

Design: high collar… bead and pearl trim along yoke seam… vertical darts and slight diagonal pleats for tailored bodice… huge mutton sleeves with tiny gathers at shoulder seams – mutton section is stuffed with tulle netting for fullness – fitted forearms with bead and pearl trim along cuffs… opens down front with multiple eye-hook closures. Skirt has fitted waist with three buttons at back to gather fabric for a slight bustle-effect (which connects to back of bodice waist)… full skirt.

Good Vintage Condition! The dress has many issues – but would still be wonderful for display or gentle wear. The silk is surprisingly strong and is not shredding or splitting. There is a tear/hole at the right side, front yoke – see photo. The seam came undone will need restitched at the front, left yoke. The waist of the skirt is a bit of a mess – but could be fixed by re-hemming the waist by 1.5-2”. The bodice lining is shredding. There is significant soiling throughout the dress. Much of it is storage soiling and most is some form of gray in colour. Because of the colour of the dress – some of the soiling is difficult to see at first glance. Some of the pearls are missing from the beaded trim. This dress is sold as-is with no returns or refunds.

BODICE: Bust: 30”… Waist: 22”… Length: 15”… Sleeve Inseam:15”
SKIRT: Waist: (should be 20-22” once fixed) … Hips: Full.. Length: 38”… Hemline Sweep: 180”

From Me:

I'm not sure this is a wedding gown. Based on the size, I think it's probably more likely a presentation gown. Also, the color at this point in time normally would be white. The taupe color was very popular in the 1890's for a range of dresses.

1894 Fashion Plate

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