Friday, January 2, 2015

1870's Outfit

From the seller:

A beautiful 1890’s ivory silk moirĂ© bodice and trained over skirt. The bodice has a V shaped neckline. The neckline, front opening, hemline and sleeve cuffs are trimmed with braided silk cording. The neckline and sleeve cuffs are decorated with a wide ruffle of lace. The bodice is lined with cotton and has a front button closure. There are two missing buttons. The skirt has a front opening and a very long back train. The overskirt is fully lined with cotton. The bodice and overskirt are in very good condition. There is a very thin line of underarm discoloration and a few scattered small age spots on the back hemline of the over skirt. This ensemble could be displayed with any color under skirt. There is also a barely visible 4 inch mark on the back of the skirt. (See Photo.) Antique clothing should not be worn. Bust 34 Waist 23 Skirt front length 40 back length 63.

From Me:

I have no idea why the seller thinks this is 1890's. The dramatic low v-neck, the construction of the bodice, the complete lack of leg o mutton sleeves, and the lack of a pigeon front all go against this being 1890's. Rather, the style looks to be natural form.
Lucy Hayes Dress 1877
1876 Fashion Plate <- Notice the cut of the bodice on the first lady.

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