Saturday, January 24, 2015

Victorian Turkish Outfit

From the seller:

ou are viewing an attractive example of embroidery.
I'm offering a lovely bridal skirt and dress

A beautiful dress of hand loomed silk fabric exquisitely hand embroidered with cauched gold metallic.

Origin: Turkey

Date: 19th. C

Example from the: Ottoman period

Condition Report

The skirt and jacket have several stains as shown on the photos.

So both of them are unwearable.

But The gold embroideries are in very great condition and they are shining.

Please take a good look and zoom also at the photographs, these form an important part of the description.

Most of my items listed are original antique or vintage unless otherwise stated.

This means used condition and listed as they found.

From Me:

I honestly have no idea when this is exactly from. The skirt has embroidery that was popular in the 1860's/1870's but the way the jacket is constructed is more 1880's/1890's. So...late Victorian?

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  1. Incredible embroidery. Nice to see an original Victorian "exotic" garment.