Monday, January 12, 2015

1930's Blue Velvet Dress

From the seller:

Estate Sale Find. Out of an old trunk from a Bed & Breakfast in North West Michigan. This place was so much fun.... This Antique Blue Velvet Dress is in very nice shape for its age. It has a belted velvet belt. One side at the waist has 4 snaps, no idea why? It has Silver Bars that have Rhinestone Accents sewn down the front. I guess you would call it short sleeved, a fuller A line style dress, these women were tiny back then... It has no maker or size tag. Here are the measurements, Bust 36", waist 28", and length from neck to hem is 51". The sleeves would kind of expose the top of the shoulders a little bit. There are 5 of the Rhinestone Bars and of course due to age there are stones missing in them.

From Me:

So very 1930's. The reason for the snaps at the side is easy - so you can get the dress on over your head! Once you have it on, you just snap up the side and go.

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