Monday, January 19, 2015

Aesthetic Edwardian Dress

From the seller:

Edwardian Peach Taffeta Dress w Soutache Trim SM

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This pretty dress is made from a peach taffeta, it feels like rayon to me and it's interlined in cotton. It has a gathered, high waisted bodice with deep armholes. The cotton lining has panels of the same peach down the sides so you see the peach taffeta when the arms are lifted. It's trimmed with narrow ruffles and peach soutache held in place with a metallic gold chain stitch down the center of the trim. It has some small scattered holes, all pretty minor, a few old mends, lining underarms are stained, missing hooks or eyes, lining torn on the back about 1 inch from the back edge, several larger holes, one on the side under the waist seam, one by the eyes at the waist and one on the shoulder, fabric shows some iron shine to the bodice and the binding on the inside of the hemline is frayed, hem fold is dirty and a bit faded toward the bottom. It measures 36 inches around the bust, waist/midriff is 29 1/2, hips are 45 and it's 55 inches long. Wearable condition, sold as is.

From Me:

First, there is no such thing as "wearable condition" for something this old. Sorry. Does. Not. Exist. I mean, sure, if you want it to be completely ruined so that future generations can't learn from it and you feel like destroying a piece of history...


Anyway, this is so completely cool! My guess is about 1908/1909. It's done the peplos style - Greek revival was a HUGE thing in the late Edwardian, early Teens Era. I haven't seen one quite like this before - probably because it was a home sew and not a big name house like Liberty or Fortuny.

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