Monday, January 19, 2015

1920's Beaded Dress

From the seller:

Fabulous 1920s Art Deco all rhinestone and beaded flapper dress - this is something to behold! Color is nude and fabric is a chiffon. Snap fasteners along the side, with hook and eye at the waist. Entirely hand-applied embellishments. Dramatic and gorgeous!

The quality and attention to detail suggests a fine designer, but there is no tag. This came in an 1920/1930 estate collection of mother/daughter dresses, many of which were French, and included an authentic tagged Jean Patou. The smaller size suggests this was the daughter's. A truly beautiful piece.

Size: Small/medium. Laid flat, 18" across at the bust; 16" at the waist; approx 53" length from shoulder to hem. This is a heavy piece, weighing only a few ounces short of 3 lbs.

Condition: Good for age. There is bead and rhinestone loss, which you can see in the photos. One shoulder is torn a bit ( 2nd last photo), and I note some fraying around the collar and under the arms. A little musty, needs cleaning. Still looks amazing!

We're happy to answer any questions or send more photos.

From Me:

Although the length says late 1910's, the style says post 1922. The way the waistline is beaded with the "belt" looking like it's coming down the front, that is most likely the 1920's interpretation of the Ancient Egyptian styles. Ancient Egyptian styles were the thing after the discovery of King Tut's tomb in late 1922.

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