Monday, January 12, 2015

Turn of the Century Blue Bodice

From the seller:

From an estate sale - this all hand stitched top or blouse (I think) was stored for a long long time in a cedar chest and is still in remarkable condition. By the style, it appears to be Victorian, I am guessing before the turn of the 20th century (1880s-90s?) but I don't know for sure. It is obviously very dressy...large puffy shoulders..curved sleeves..the body is light, thin wool with the center area made of silk that is embroidered with very tiny blue stitches to form designs on the fabric (foto 3) which reminds me of extremely fine Chinese stitching. It is decorated with wide blue ribbon bows which also hang far below at the front. The last 4 fotos show the inside which has corset ribs sewn around at the bottom... the top opens from the front left..the inside hooks first along the length, neck to waist, with a long row of hooks..then the edge of the front hooks along the left side and across the left shoulder for closure. The brown material is a lining of sheer brown cotton. It is unfortunate that there were no other pieces of this amazing dress. All measurements are approximate: 15" armpit to armpit..12" across at the waist..12" across the shoulders..21" cuff to shoulder seam for sleeve length. The condition is exceptional..the cloth is strong and not deteriorated..there is one small moth hole only that I can rips or tears..tight seams..ver yclean..almost no real wear..the ribbon ends need trimming. NOTE: I am no expert on early clothing and first thought it might be a costume made in later years..but, the type of materials and hooks..the corset ribs...and the way it is sewn leads me to believe it is old as described. Wonderful piece for study or should be in a collection or display. Guaranteed as listed.

From Me:
Probably about 1898 or so.

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