Monday, January 26, 2015

Late 18th C (?) Men's Waistcoat

From the seller:

Antique 1700's Mens Waistcoat EMBROIDERY Vest Satin Duck Cloth Colonial 3705
Embroidered buttons; 2 flap pockets

tambour embroidery

satin front; back is a medium to heavy weight duck cloth type with stamped: VC

Length 26"; Armpit to armpit 17"


museum deaccession

From Me:

I love this because OMG! Embroidery in a style even I can do? Chain stitch? Woohoo!!!!! However, I'm sort of curious, if this *might* be one of those REALLY good reproductions from the late Victorian era instead. For now, I'm siding with 1780's but I'm honestly not 100% sure.


  1. LOL! Love it. Chain stitch is the only embroidery I do well, too.

    1. It was one the first stitches I learned thanks to that pillow I made for my doll Samantha (the American Girl's one) way, way back when Pleasant Company still owned them. It was a cute little kit.