Saturday, January 17, 2015

Titanic Era Blue Dress with Black Lace

From the seller:

vintage- At one point this dress was a beauty. Over the years the fabric has started to break down. It was purchased at an estate sale with a lot of vintage clothing which was decommissioned from a museum (they can't say which one) The silk material which attaches the sleeves to the dress is nearly gone. I don't know if the museum was planning a repair because some matching material was included with the dress which looks the same age. (last pic/I will send this with the dress) The edges and lace sleeves show signs that there used to be some flesh netting inside. The beading is well preserved and lovely, the lace is in good condition with no rips or holes. Mostly it is the delicate blue silk at the sleeves that is the problem with the dress.It is fragile so I didn't try to steam or iron to show it off better

UP FOR AUCTION: This lovely Victorian vintage dress made of silk, black lace, metallic woven lace, and beads. Bobbles hang from the back sash to weigh it down. This dress is in serious need of repair. The matching material comes with the dress. (please read description for all details of condition and review pictures) The best efforts have been made to represent the aging deterioration of the garment. The beading is beautiful on the sleeves and throughout the lace and buttons. A theme of detailed ornamentation. Approximate measurements: fits modern day size 10 - 34"-36" bust, 33" waist, 40" hips model 5'7".

From Me:


Not only do the oils from your skin cause problems down the road for the dress, but the act of taking it off and putting it on probably cause more rips and tears. If it's "so fragile", why the heck would you think it's a good idea to put it on a living model?!?

Anyway, very much late Edwardian/early Teens. I'm leaning more to the teens though given the way the skirt looks.

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