Thursday, January 15, 2015

1890's Ball Gown Bodice

From the seller:

“"used vintage wear" Purchased at an estate auction with a lot of decommission antique clothing. Not sure of any dating. Ribbons hanging down have some water stains I did with a steamer trying to straighten out the bows for display (dumb,I know). Original hooks, no tears, or open seams except a very small area on the neckline (easy to repair, but after the steaming incident, I didn't touch the dainty thing). Sewing construction appears to be machine and hand stitching. Looks like there was lace at one time.”
UP FOR AUCTION: This vintage corset item. Approximate measurements: 13 1/2" from underarm seam across front to other underarm seam, 12 1/2" across the front bust line, 6" sleeve hole, 12" from neckline to bottom where it V's at waist, the waist is 22", the ribbon hanging down from the waist goes down 38". The material appears to be a nice ribbed satin, the bows appear satin, it closes in the back with hook and eyes, little velvet ribbons come off the shoulder (tied in bows). The color is taupe. See description above.

From me:

Here are some other examples of 1890's dress. The big bows on the shoulders are a giveaway that this is 1890's. My guess is that there used to be sheer sleeves of some sort that got taken out over time.

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