Thursday, January 15, 2015

Natural Form Dressing Gown

From the seller:

Elegant dressing gown of wheat color cotton, embellished with strips of ruching and handmade bobbin lace, with large (about 11 inch) pale green satin bows in the front, and at the sleeves (about 6 inches across).

Estimating the date fairly closely to the early 1870s because of the similar clothing it was found with. Probably custom made by a seamstress for the lady of the house. See my other Ebay listings for drawers, petticoats, etc.

Many fine couture details: Graceful elegant train, with a deep ruffle rucking and handmade bobbin lace added over the fabric of the gown. Buttons about hallways down the front, closed below. Handstitched buttonholes on the front cleverly hidden beneath the handmade bobbin lace edging, which is neatly tacked down between buttonholes to keep it neat. Gathered in the back from the back of the yoke, which consists of strips of ruching and handmade bobbin lace. Bobbin lace ruffle at the neck. Ruching strips and bobbin lace ruffle at the wrists.

Could it possibly have been worn with the matching petticoat and/or drawers (See ebay listings) -- as the lace is so revealing in the front?

Length nape of neck to bottom of train about 55 inches
Length from from front top button to bottom of hem about 50-51 inches
Base of back yoke from arm to arm about 13 inches
Center of armhole base to armhole base about 20 inches
Sleeve from shoulder to bottom of ruffle about 20 inches
Bottom ruffle about 9 inches deep
Insertions of pintucking and lace about 1 1/2 inches wide
Sleeve decoration about 6 inches deep, including insertion alternating strips of ruching about 1 1/2 in wide and bobbin lace of about 1 inch.

Very good condition. Two of the large satin bows are missing, see photo of tiny hole in the front ruching where one is missing. All original buttons, each stitched on with exactly the same thread and same number of stitches.

Probably was put away reasonably clean when originally stored many decades ago, but has the dust of those decades. A few small stains -- one near the hem, a few clustered in the back (see photos) Would need to be washed/cleaned. Has the mellow color of unbleached muslin.

From Me:

I'm thinking more late 1870's but 1870's.

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