Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Romantic Era Children's Dress

From the seller:

This is a wonderfully sweet little baby dress from around the civil war era in cotton calico. The dress measures 21" from the shoulder to the hem. The calico fabric colors are a muted red, blue and mustard. The colors do not look to be faded. The shoulders have two puffy balloon type areas each. The dress is well made mostly by hand. The hand sewing is so tiny and delicate. The bodice is lined in muslin and stained, but not the front of the dress bodice. The arms, shoulders and waist are layered and are done excellently. There is even a tiny cording around each. The skirt is nice and full with a 2" hem line. The backside has no buttons, hooks or holes so it must have been pinned closed in those days. The dress has no odors, tears or holes and a few small rust? spots not really detracting from the beautiful calico floral and stripe patterns. The dress is not weak or fragile. Thanks for looking.

From Me:

The styling suggests a much earlier date. The waistline is too high for the American Civil War (kids dresses looked different from adults at that point but the waistline would have come to the natural waistline). The sleeves are done in an eleborate style that is most commonly seen in the 1820's and 1830's. Because of the crazy print, I'm thinking 1830's for this one.

Although the sleeves to this one are different the waistline, bodice, and even the skirt pleating are similar.

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