Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Fabulous Asymmetrical Bustle Era Dress

From Simon:

Again, this is from around the mid 1880s, the second bustle period in full swing, and it came from the U.S. The fabric is some kind of wool mix ,with a very graphic velvet trim creating a wonderful diagonal down the length of the outfit.

Measurements, taken on the dummy, are bust 34.5, waist 24 and length from waist to hem 37.5. I think this must have belonged to a very petite woman, or a teenage girl maybe. I've included a comparison shot with another dress, she's a good few inches smaller height wise.

Condition is good, the bones are missing from the bodice - though i read that travelling ensembles sometimes didn't have them? She has a couple of small holes and a whopping big stain in the back of the bodice. The skirt is pretty creased - i've heard contradicting opinions on how to tackle this in antique clothing - if any of your readers can offer advice i'd be happy to hear it?

As ever, i'm amazed at the complex pattern cutting - i count thirty pleats in the over skirt! No built in support, just the usual ties and a waxy cotton lining.

Anyway, hope you like!

From Me:

Thank you once again for sumbiting a completely amazing outfit for all of us to see. I agree, 1880's.

as far as the crease, I'd be tempted to either leave it or flatten it between two heavy books and leave it for a couple of days.